If you’re traveling, under 30 and want a budget – This product is for you.

An awesome new product has hit the market for anybody under 30 who is looking to travel and stay protected on a budget – It’s the Student Flights Black Market Travel Insurance, and dahm it looks fine! It’s exclusive to the brand, and is a world first in terms of inclusions and discounts.

Ever been living and working in England, or France, or Cambodia and got so sick you couldn’t work? Did your rent fall behind? Covermore heard you crying and have sent help – So if you’re deemed unfit to work for 5 or more days, you’ll be eligible to claim the amount you have to pay in rent until you get better. Jump back into bed, and sleep it off my friend.

And my fellow USA travellers will hear me here – tried buying a policy for America only to be given a quote you could buy a small car with? In all fairness, America have a terrible medical system and without travel insurance, a trip to the ICU will set you back $5,000 USD per night, so the pricing for the insurance is understandable. But when you’re a poor Uni student (or just a poor 25 year old, I feel you), it can seem quite stiff. There’s always been excess options of $0 (the best but most expensive), $100 and $250 but this new policy has a $1,000 option. It means the price you pay for your insurance now is much lower than your smaller excess options which is grand (Vegas money!), however make sure you fully understand that if you need to make a claim, you’ll pay the first $1,000, before Covermore step in and take care of the rest. This means you really eliminate a lot of claims you might make, for example stolen luggage, phones etc as they’ll all generally be claims under a thousand dollars. But for the medical emergencies, even a simple Xray, this one will be a lifesaver.

Has your RyanAir, those trusty on time specialists, flight been delayed? Are you going to miss the first day of your pre paid Oktoberfest package because of this? Blackmarket cover will swoop in and help get you there on time with another, on time provider with cover of up to $2,000! This also covers 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries, weddings, funerals and pre paid conferences.

They’ve also added in bundles of extra covered activities, like quad biking, jet skiing, abseiling and scuba diving which are not covered on the other policies and is a great bonus for the adventurous.

It still covers all of the normal things like unlimited medical and dental (which is a huge plus that Covermore offer, many insurers will at least cap your dental at $500), $5,000 of luggage cover (now including Go Pros) and $3,000 for travel documents.

Some pricing examples are as follows:

24 year old Mary has booked a 20-day USA road trip and has selected a $100 excess:
• Options policy = $173 • Travelsure policy = $144
• New Student Flights Travel Insurance = $130
26 year old Jason has booked a 6 month working holiday in France and has selected a $100 excess:
• Options policy = $646 • Travelsure policy = $539
• New Student Flights Travel Insurance = $496
29 year old Sarah is volunteering in Cambodia for 10-days and has selected a $100 excess:
• Options policy = $87 • Travelsure policy = $73
• New Student Flights Travel Insurance = $67
18 year old Peter is travelling around the USA for 12 months and has selected a $100 excess:
• Options policy = $1653 • Travelsure policy = $1379
• New Student Flights Travel Insurance = $1,129 (or $799 with $1,000 excess)


Covermore has 24/7 emergency assist, will give you a free global sim card when you purchase the policy and you can make all claims online – The new best cover for under 30’s has arrived, and is here to stay!

You can purchase this cover through any Student Flights Travel Agent.

Do you have any horror insurance stories?

Bavaria? Austria? I need your help!

Every second year, we head back to the UK for Christmas as my partner is from there originally. This year, we’ll be taking back an 8 month old with us and so are going to extend from the normal 2 weeks, to 3, giving us all time to adjust a little easier.

As much as we love England, we also want to go somewhere we both haven’t been before, and the idea of a wood log chalet in the snow, somewhere with awesome Christmas markets and mulled wine sounds bloody heavenly, and so the search is on.

Chris suggested Bavaria, as he’s been briefly before when he was in the army, but Austria is also not too far – I fear Switzerland will be too pricey for living expenses for a week (after my few days experience there years ago), so I’ve tentatively ruled it out.

And so, we won’t be locking in something concrete until the baby in born in April, but I’m throwing the questions out to you –

Do you have any suggestions for a week in the snow in December 2015?


My (current) top 3 honeymoon destinations.

As published in Forte Magazine

I’m fairly conflicted about where I want to spend my Honeymoon. And may I preface this with no, I am not engaged, however as a travel agent (and in a long term relationship) who regularly plans holidays and honeymoons I of course think about my own. It’s a complicated decision between beach haven, flop and drop to the action/adventure feeling accomplished kind of getaway – our honeymoon really shouldn’t be any different from any other holiday we’ve taken together (apart from those lovely perks like champagne and chocolates on arrival and maybe a free transfer!), but there always seems to be a lot of pressure to make it so. Here are my top 3 honeymoon destinations for myself at the moment, hopefully it will give some of you some inspiration as well!

Borneo has always been at the top of my list, for its one main attraction – the orangutans. It’s actually the third largest island in the world, the largest  island in Asia and has one of the oldest rain forests. It is also made up of 3 countries – Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia, with 76% of it being classed Indonesian territory.
The rainforest is over 140 million years old, and this is where you can find the orang-utan in one of its only natural habitats left. There are also heaps of other amazing animals like the rhinoceros and sumatran elephant, and a ridiculous amount of fish species. You can take tours to see the Orangutans and places like Camp Leakey allow you to see them come in and eat everyday. One of the coolest things I found though was the sting less jelly fish lake – an incredible lake where millions of jelly fish who have lost their stingers migrate and move across eating algae everyday, and you can buy passes to go swimming.

I cannot wait to go and do the Rocky Mountaineer across Canada, but I would love to do it in the Gold Leaf class cabin, so waiting until the honeymoon is probably the only time i’ll be able to justify spending that kind of money! The Rocky Mountaineer is a stunning train ride you can take through Canada, with many different routes and pricing levels. You get 360 views in glass domed cabins, stay some nights on board and some nights in hotel accommodation across the road, and have chefs of board to cook you all of your 5* meals (think eggs scrambled with smoked salmon, topped with kelp caviar and lemon chive crème fraîche for breakfast).
We’d then be able to go on and explore Alaska some more, which has always interested me with their natives, customs and cultures.

My third option would be a bit of a ‘Jennifer Hawkins’ style honeymoon, with a little bit of everything included. She started with the actual wedding in Bali (which I would skip), but went on to do Paris and the Maldives on the way home. I would love to go and explore a new European country i’d never been to (maybe some sailing around Greece, or take a trip to Finland), and then come home by some beautiful exotic ‘over water cabins’ kind of island for some relaxing and treating. The Maldives are incredibly stunning, as is Bora Bora.
igloo island
Igloo Island (Finland)
3 very different honeymoon destinations, all of which I think I’ll eventually get to do – but with a baby on the way, I have a feeling child friendly is going to be a key element to every holiday, so being able to do something on our honeymoon that we wouldn’t be able to with baby in tow will be high on the priority list!
How about you? What’s your favourite dream honeymoon destination, or one that you’ve actually been on?
*All photos courtesy of google images.

2014 in highlights

Every year I have a think back about my favourite trip of the year. This year is a little more difficult as I had so many other life changes happening – in between changing careers from full time working in retail travel sales, to helping start up a news and lifestyle magazine, to moving house and getting pregnant, and spending almost 2 months away from home traveling around to new exciting places, its been a big one!

In May and June this year I spend more time out of Australia than in, with a combination of work and personal trips.

The first one was a trip I had won through work, but could take in personal time, so I went to South East Asia with my mum and sister. We did the G Adventures Cambodia on a Shoestring, and not only was the whole trip a complete new kettle of fish for me, but it was probably a new point in my writing career, as my diary blogs of this trip have received more hits than anything else I’ve ever written! It was challenging – traveling with family, going to third world countries, and participating in a group tour; bloody rewarding – meeting a fantastic bunch of people, not one who we didn’t get along with, rare for such a small group and exhilarating – travelling by bus was new for me, drop toilets was something I hope never to have to get used to, and the cost of living was a nice change to Europe! I seriously loved it, although I’m not sure whether I would choose to travel by bus again. I felt I lost a lot of time, but this was an express tour, seeing 3 countries in 10 days, so the knowledge and insight I gained can never be forgotten and I certainly wouldn’t go back and change it.

eating bugs

Next up was a work trip to Croatia. This one was a work trip in that I won a spot of a famil with a bunch of other travel agents from across Australia to travel with Topdeck and sail around Croatia for 10 days. It was the most challenging trip I’ve ever been on, where you can either gel with people automatically, or you can feel a bit like a fish out of water. Where everyone on this trip was only traveling once, I was in the middle of 3 trips back to back, and saving for a house so my budget was much lower than normal and I hardly participated in all of the social activities, and spending so long away from home and my boyfriend was starting to be a little harder. I thought Croatia was absolutely stunning, and I so super blessed to be taken on such a brilliant tour and spend my days sailing around on an incredible boat however, and would definitely love to go back with family and friends and experience it in a different way.


After this, I literally flew home for 36 hours and was back on a plane to Europe with my sister. After our first trip to Asia together, I decided that it might be best for us to have a little more time apart (as awesome as she is!), and so after a few days in Paris and Rome together, I flew to my in laws in the UK and she went on a Topdeck trip around Europe for 16 days. I had a great time relaxing, seeing more of my partners home town, hanging out with family and getting over a terrible chesty cold I got from all of the flying. I went down to Great Missenden to stay with my Aunty and friends after 10 days up North in Wakefield, and enjoyed the local public walks around the area again. I love England, and it was nice to be able to take a deep breath, and stop running from city to city.


This year I’ve also been camping in Rye, was chosen by Student Flights to go and film in Bali (and got so sick from fish poisoning I haven’t been able to eat Shell fish since) and we’re already planning our next trip back to England for Christmas next year with hopefully a week in Bavaria – This time however, we’ll have a small baby with us, so everything is going to be a whole lot different! So I guess (in a super long winded summary – are you still there? hello?), I don’t really have a favourite trip, but every single one was different and awesome in it’s own way and I learnt a lot about myself, and new cultures along the way – I’m pretty lucky!

I’m pregnant – will travel insurance cover me?

I always thought that once you were pregnant, no travel insurance would cover you. Not just for anything baby related, but in general. I’m not quite sure where I even got that idea from (because hey, that sucks!), but now that I am pregnant I have one of those nifty apps that tell you all sorts of things. Like if your baby is the size of a corn cob or a mango, when its ears start moving to the front of its head and whether or not you should go to the dentist (yes, is the answer of course). But it also has a little forum section where you can join and chat to other women at the same stage as you and ask all sorts of questions. Late the other night when I couldn’t sleep (a corn cob sized baby laying on your bladder and all), I found one about travel insurance and clicked on to immediately share all of my wisdom pearls about how you’re not covered and to get off that plane, go home, and stay as safe as you can – Well I was certainly surprised (and yes, sceptical) when I saw women sharing information about different companies who do in fact cover you while you’re pregnant and traveling and so I jumped online myself to have a look.

A lot of companies actually do cover you for most things – anything that happens to you that’s not pregnancy related, covered. But also, unexpected pregnancy complications that arise while you’re away, also covered. Each company has different stages it will cover you until, for example my own insurer Covermore cover mums until 26 weeks. This is generally around the time that you are recommended to stop flying internationally anyway. Some insurers will actually cover you until 32 weeks, and InsureandGo cover you until you’re full term! Now, these covers all differ and it’s really incredibly important to have a look around, read the super fine print and check if you need to pay any premiums to be covered. Sometimes, you’ll have to fill in medical forms and depending on how far along you are, a doctor may need to provide a note as well.

Bean enjoyed the beach – because I said so. At this stage, my ankles didn’t even swell – Win!

It’s also really important to note that although a lot of these insurers state that they cover ‘unexpected medical complications’, like Toxaemia, Pre-eclampsia and Placenta Praevia – they will also more often than not state that they do not cover the costs of the birth and of the health of the newborn. It’s also important to check if you’re travel by air, as to what the airlines rules are as if you’re traveling past their recommended date of pregnancy, you’re insurer can deny your claims as well.

If you’re unsure, make sure to call the provider and have them go through the fine details with you, to avoid any complications or huge bills. Pregnancy shouldn’t stop you traveling, but always use your common sense!

Merry Christmas! Bon Natale! Frohe Weihnachten!

I love Christmas – For me, it brings memories of BBQ’s in the sun, champagne breakfasts, 5am starts (even though I’m 25..), and afternoon naps. But growing up, all of the Christmas shows we watch on TV or in the movies are all about the snowy Christmas day (I could watch Jonathan Taylor Thomas rush home to make Christmas over and over), warm lit fires and a sprinkling of egg nog. No matter where you are in the world, Christmas is hugely different depending on weather and culture. Here are a few cool Christmas events you can attend, depending on what hemisphere you might be traveling through at that time of year :)
Christmas in Paris 

German Christmas Markets

These are hugely popular, and you can pretty much find them all around the different European countries now, but Germanies rock. You can find all sorts of decorations, types of food and drink at the markets (which can be found in main streets etc), and you’ll always find the famous hand glass blown ornaments. Frohe Weihnachten!


Paris in general is absolutely stunning at Christmas time. The Champs Elysees sidewalk is turned into a board walk, with a sort of wood verandah over the top of the pavement. There are all sorts of stalls selling mulled wine, chestnuts, crepes and Christmas decorations, with a huge White Wonderland theme. Christmas Eve is the main event, usually celebrated by attending mass and then home for a huge meal of fois gras, oysters, venison and loads more – My type of Christmas for sure!
Christmas jumpers are the best

Mummering in Canada

In some areas of Canada, there is a strange tradition called ‘mummering’ – People dress up in disguise and costumes, knock on  front doors and say in a disguised voice, “Are there any Mummers in the night?” or “Any mummers ‘loud in?'”, meaning ‘are mummers allowed in the house?’ Then they’ll sing, eat some Christmas cake, and if the host doesn’t guess who the Mummers are, the host must join the Mummers in their merry-making. Going Mummering is a fun Christmas season activity for adults. “Mummers” usually come out between December 26th and January 6th (The 12 Days of Christmas). However, some come out only before Christmas Day.

Hogmanay in Scotland

Though not strictly Christmas, this is a big New years Eve tradition in Scotland. Usually celebrated with all the normal drinking and fireworks and parades with a torchlit procession, but on New Years Day there is the Loony Dook – a 25 year old tradition where you go to South Queensforth and jump into the freezing cold water.. Yep, you read right. It actually raises loads of money for various charities, but I’d certainly rather be a viewer at this spectacle! The best part of this, is that January 2 is a public holiday in Scotland, to allow you to get over the festivities. How sensible.
My Christmas, in Australia 

Celebrating in Japan

In Japan, less than 1% of the population is catholic so Christmas Day is more an celebration event than a religious one. The main event is Christmas Eve, and for single women the night has become marketed as a good time to spend with a loved one, similar to Valentines Day. Children also wait for presents from the Buddhist versions of Santa, called Hotei-osho who is said to have eyes in the back of his head (uh .. slightly terrifying). Christmas here is not so much a family event, so anywhere you go you’ll be able to have a good time and enjoy the Japanese version of Christmas vibe :)