The Hindu Review – A must take trip in Bali.

Usually I write about trips I’ve taken, things I’ve seen and done already. But recently a trip popped up on my radar and I feel like I have to share it with you, because even though I am in negative annual leave days (oops), maybe you can take it instead! Clever!


The trip is coincidently in Bali again, which I have been to a few times now. Bali is one of those places where you don’t really think about doing an organised tour, more of a flop and drop holiday with swim up bars, cheap Bintangs and massages at your resort.

However, a few days ago this trip with Geckos Adventures was shoved under my nose and I fell in love!

Have you seen Eat, Pray, Love? You know how she is in Ubud in Bali and she’s swimming in that amazing water, and cycling in those amazing mountains? If you’ve been to Kuta beach you’ll know she is certainly not swimming there, and so I’ve always been a little intrigued as to where she found these amazing places in Bali, as it was not exactly as I remembered. And now I have solved the mystery, for me and for you. “The Hindu Review” trip is a 7 day tour, and starts in Ubud. I spent 2 days there on my first trip and wished I was there for longer. The rice paddy fields are simply incredible, the temples are stunning, the people are of course hospitable and you can find the men making all of the wooden statues from hand.



Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts 

After this, the trip heads down to Lovina, and you spend another 2 days. You can visit the waterfall and have a swim (EPL moment right here people!), check out some more temples and explore the countryside and coastline til your hearts content.

Day 5 takes you to Kintamani, where I also went on my first trip to do a cycling tour! It’s 1500 metres above sea level and Mount Batur is actually an active volcano. You can take cycling trips down the side of it and see how the Balinese live in their compounds and breathe is the fresh, Kuta fume free air. There is also an optional trip on this day to do a dolphin cruise, which you would have to crazy to miss surely!


Dolphin Cruise from Geckos Website 

The next 2 days are down in Sanur – On the coast down more in the ‘hustle and bustle’ Bali, but away from Kuta. You could head to Kuta if you really wanted to, as its only about 20 minutes, but otherwise enjoy your Bintangs, shopping and more relaxing over here. The trip ends in the morning of the 7th day, so you can fill the day however you like (Waterbom park maybe?), and jump on your Virgin flight home! I’d steer clear of Jetstar anyway..


So, some more awesome things about this trip:


*Breakfast is included everyday. Balinese breakfast are awesome, they are generally buffet style, run for at least 4 hours and combine western and balinese food together. My personal fave is having your omelette made freshly for you, but the coffee is a little poor in my eyes..

*The accommodation is obviously, also included. As is the transport to and from each of these places, and there are a bunch of paid optionals the guide can organise for you. White water rafting, half day cycling trips, surfing, diving and snorkelling to name a few!

*Geckos run with only local guides. In Balinese culture there are only 4 male names parents can use, and they must be used in order of birth. For example, every fourth born is named Ketut. Not even joking. If you have a 5th boy (god help you), then it reverts back to the first name, of Wayan.*

*THE PRICE POINT – This trip cost $495 AUD – YES I AM SERIOUS! Bali is cheap, but I dare you to try and do this yourself, for $495 and get the same value out of it. Amazing. Excellent. I’m sold. 

*Fun fact, Schapelle Corbys brother in laws name is Wayan.




Bali Fun

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